TYO’s Impact on the Ground

Includes numbers of direct participants from Spring 2008 through December 2016.

Photos and Stories from the Field

Our impact goes well beyond the numbers! Get to know the mothers, kids, and communities that benefit from TYO’s work and your donations.

Humans of Nablus 38

“The children aren’t looking for someone to improve their lives through donations or monetary contributions but by feeling heard and understood by others.” “In general, I don’t need money but I work here because I want to help others and help build my community in order to grow a brighter future for its inhabitants.” .الاطفال ليسوا بحاجه ...

New Experiences, New Skills, and New Opportunities

Participation in extracurricular activities for children and youth can be hard to come by in underserved communities. TYO’s center provides local youth with an open space to learn, play, and take part in activities that they otherwise would not have access to. The academic program offers students educational support in Arabic, English and Math. There ...

Work, Surf, and Learn

TYO provides students with access to technology and educational resources that are not commonly found in local public schools. Technology-based learning is an invaluable tool in the digital age which has the capacity to transform how students use their time online. In this week’s interview with Mo-ayyed Maklouf, a longtime employee of TYO, he shares ...