Women’s Nutrition


TYO Women’s Group Fitness Classes exceed expectations and lay the groundwork for far-reaching benefits

  An integral part of TYO’s Women’s Empowerment Program since 2008, The Women’s Group provides holistic support for mothers from local communities.  In consonance with other TYO programs, the Women’s Group fitness classes embody broader notions of psychosocial support.  However, in contrast to other classes led by the international interns, they are more directly concerned with issues of physical and emotional health.  Palestinian society is traditionally patriarchal, and women continue to experience myriad gender-related inequalities and subsequent vulnerability throughout their lives.  Women are disproportionately affected, both directly and indirectly, by socioeconomic stressors.  Their physical and psychological well-being is not adequately Continue reading…


A Woman’s World: Women’s Group Fitness at TYO

A key component of TYO’s work is The Women’s Group (TWG). As part of The Women’s Empowerment Programs, TWG embodies TYO’s multigenerational approach by supporting Nabulsi mothers ranging in age from their early twenties to their late sixties.  Women participate in interactive seminars facilitating dialogue on a range of contemporary community and women’s interest topics.  To complement these sessions, TYO offers sewing and IT classes, and the international interns lead weekly fitness classes, which incorporate nutrition and lifestyle advice. Interns have been delighted by how enthusiastic and spirited the ladies are, particularly their exuberant appetite for Zumba!  A mere two weeks Continue reading…


Five Linkages to Empowering Women

Stereotypical gender roles are socially constructed, and just as easily as they are created they can be improved and changed as well. At times these roles are justified as requirement of culture or religion, however it is clear that over time and circumstance there are fluctuations and changes that occur no matter how incremental they may be. Members of The Women’s Group (TWG) increasingly understand this and recognize that the time has come for them to foster the change they want to see in the community; inclusion in the workforce, access to education, equal rights and so on. To aid Continue reading…


Ritu Sharma of Women Thrive Worldwide on the Global Status of Women

This week, Ritu Sharma, President and Co-Founder of Women Thrive Worldwide, appeared on CSPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss the organization’s ventures to improve the lives of women worldwide. Additionally, she spoke on the role the U.S. policy plays in this endeavor, and the potentially negative impact of budget cuts to foreign aid. Sharma argues that cuts in foreign aid threaten countries’ stability, especially in nations that are already experiencing turmoil due to poverty and food shortages. Her suggestions for improving this situation via investing in women include women’s economic empowerment, political participation, education and strengthening women’s organizations. TYO shares in their sentiments Continue reading…


“Women hold up half the sky”

Campaigns like The Girl Effect and bestsellers like Half the Sky have taught us that one of the best ways to fight poverty, counter violence and progress society is to educate girls. When you educate a boy you invest in his future, but if you educate a girl you invest in an entire community. The potential that women have to make transformative changes in their families and communities is the very reason why TYO is committed to them. The male dominated cultural tradition of TYO’s target areas has led to a lack of women in leadership positions socially, economically, and politically. TYO recognizes that women Continue reading…


Intern Journal: TYO’s First Women’s Nutrition Class

This summer, fellow intern Megan and I are teaching Women’s Nutrition, a first here at TYO. Megan and I want to show Nabulsi women that healthy food can be easy and delicious. So far we’ve had an amazing turnout and the women have been enthusiastic about the hands-on experience. They love taking their own basic ingredients and supplies and watching them transform into a new dish they can make from start to finish. They’ve already asked if they can bring their daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, and friends to class with them! When we asked the women what they wanted from Continue reading…